10 Great Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog


If you’re wondering whether your business needs a blog, then you’ve come to the right place to find out. Blogging started out as some sort of online journaling exercise, where bloggers wrote about their travels, food, making money, and of course, every other topic of interest. Blogging became a platform for expression, and then it quickly morphed into a money-making tool.

What happened next was that writers and businesses realized that when you create enough blog content, then google started giving better ranks to those who remained consistent with the blog content strategies. As the visitors started growing, bloggers placed ads on their sites and converted their visitors to cash. Of course, it’s a system that works if you choose to work the system.

There are many factors that contribute to having a successful blog, but one thing is for sure, you have to write something of value, offering information that makes readers come back for more. Your website or blog visitors should, in essence, subscribe and want to hear more of what you and your business have to say. They would want to come back and that will rely on the quality of what you are sharing.

Today, blogging has become an important business tool and it is evident that every business needs a blog. The aim with creating consistent blog content is to keep people on your website, and also keeping them intrigued.

Does every business really need a blog?

Whenever I have a new client for a WordPress Website build, then I try to explain that building a website is like setting up shop in the middle of the dessert. Nobody will know about your website unless you implement strategies that keep them coming. That could include sharing what you do on social media, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), or other online marketing strategies that bring traffic. Without any definite traffic strategy or marketing plan, your website will not really get visitors.

The good news is that regular blogging brings organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic means that you don’t necessarily have to keep paying to bring people, but it’s not always free, given the time or cost investment for creating quality content.

The short answer to the question at hand is, yes, every business needs a blog because the benefits are numerous. Besides adding value to your client base, it also helps you to understand your industry or service even better. Below are 10 reasons why every business needs a blog.

10 benefits of choosing to build a great business blog:

1. Traffic

In a conventional store, the location is important because of foot traffic. Alternatively, if your marketing is sound, people visit because of demand, and in this case, the location doesn’t matter too much. Think of people who travel to other countries to have an experience, the location may not be the main factor, but people choose to travel to undergo the experience. This means that there has to be a big enough demand for what you are offering or else, you would have to create a big enough demand. Another example of this is when marketing campaigns run for months before a music concert and people show up. And they do so in hordes!

The benefit of creating regular blog content is that as you keep sharing, people start coming to your website. The more you do it, the more people start frequenting your website. Some visitors subscribe to your newsletter and as they start sharing the value that you create, new people start coming. As the traffic builds through your blog, your rankings with search engines start to increase. Higher rankings convert to more clicks which in turn, converts to more traffic. What you do with the traffic on your website remains your prerogative.

2. Communication

In any relationship, communication is key. The better the channels of open communication between two parties, the easier it is to grow together. If you think of an amorous relationship, you will find that many of the problems are created due to a lack of clear communication. In the same way, your prospective clients get involved with you when the communication is clear. Blogs are a platform for communication, and it also opens up the channel for visitors to comment or ask questions. More than that, new visitors can monitor the quality of the comments and responses and make a decision about whether they wish to deal with your business or not.

Writing powerful blogs opens up the channels of communication because it gets people talking about whatever you’re sharing. The fact that visitors make a comment means that it has captured their interest to the extent where they wish to say something. This is good because it also brings them back to see what your or others’ responses are regarding their point.

This is good for business because one of the roots of the word business is ‘busyness‘. When visitors start becoming busy on your website or blog, then you’re in business. It’s easier to convert someone who is already present than to run around looking for clients. In other words, let’s figure out how you can keep visitors busy on your website, and when you have something to offer, it will be easier for those who can identify your brand.

One more tip on communication is to write as if you are talking to a human being, and if you don’t know how to do it, then pretend that you’re explaining things to a friend.

3. Expertise

Establishing a voice of expertise sets you apart from the rest. Blogging shows that you know what you are doing and talking about. More than that, it also helps you to develop your own expertise. In my experience as a language teacher, I’ve learned that to ‘teach is to learn’, and as you keep sharing information that relates to your industry through your blog, you also get to learn through the research. This is a win-win for everybody.

As your blog visitors start lapping up what you say, they also start asking questions, which give you an idea of what you need to talk about in the future. In turn, this becomes a benefit for both them and yourself. You gain pointers on what your audience wants to hear about and ideally, you service this demand if it’s big enough.

4. Branding

Every time anyone shares your posts, it’s an instant boost for your branding. It’s an opportunity for your logo to go out there and fly through cyberspace. Your blog is a platform that allows your brand to establish itself. The more engaging your post is, the more people will interact and share your blog and brand simultaneously.

There’s a bit of psychology related to how often people see your logo, and in times like these where the internet is bombarded with advertising, you have to make sure that your brand stands out and that you are consistent with your efforts.

Your blog content can either establish or taint your brand so it remains important to keep providing quality content. Ensure that your logo is slapped somewhere and allow your visitors’ eyes to feast on what you are saying. Very soon, they will recognize your brand through your business blogging efforts.

5. Voice

In the sales process, you may have heard that ‘people buy people – not things! This is so powerful and it means that your approach is way more important. One big reason that people don’t make a purchase is that they don’t feel that the relationship was strong enough. You need to create rapport in order to establish trust. This is where your voice comes in.

Decide on the tone of your blog, and find your voice when you write. In my experience as an author, I learned that one’s ‘voice’ comes after writing a copious amount of words. As you keep at it, your voice will become clearer and eventually, quite distinct. Your speaking voice and your writing voice are different things, so keep doing it and it will start flowing. Let the muse speak through you.

The main thing with your voice is that it helps to humanize your blog. In this way, people start reading more of your blog content and they start recognizing your style. It makes it easier for customers to make that sale because they feel as if they know you.

6. List

Over and over again, we hear that the power is in the list. It’s easier for you to convert someone that is already a subscriber to your newsletter or blog. You already have the person on your list, so after they’ve made a purchase, they will remember you, and may even become a return customer.

When readers enjoy your blog, they would hopefully, join your list and wait for more of the good stuff to come. As you keep sharing great blog content, your subscribers start growing and this coincides with the point on branding, as they become familiar quicker.

Once your subscribers’ list has grown, you can decide on a frequency at which you choose to contact those on your list. You have to remember that people don’t want spam, there’s really too much of that going around, so be mindful when you start writing to your list. If your blog is solid and they love it, they will start sharing, and the more they share the bigger your list will grow.

7. Leads

Blogging builds up your social and your organic traffic. The bigger your audience, the stronger the chance would be for you to convert your leads into clients. The great thing about a great blog is that your traffic keeps coming. This could go on for years, as some bloggers write an amazing article that ranks well for a long time. Your great article then becomes cornerstone content for your business and may often be responsible for a lot of busyness in the future.

The benefit of having people love your blog and subscribe to your site are endless. Besides the fact that prospective clients start remembering where to find you, new leads are established with time. Consistent blogging then becomes a task that could eventually allow for exponential growth. It then becomes a breather to convert those who already know you and who approach you, rather than running after business. When your business decides to commit to blogging then it also shows that you are taking responsibility.

8. Current

Blogging regularly keeps your website content fresh. This is not only for the sake of having fresh content but also for the search engine crawlers to look through what’s happening. When you stop producing content, it’s as if these robots check, then see that you’ve lost interest, and eventually they will lose interest too.

As you keep with consistently popping out fresh content, search engines, like Google, start rewarding you by making your posts or website pages visible. There’s a difference between writing evergreen content or up-to-date matters as the world goes through events. Either way, there’s always something to write about, and staying on top of what’s happening on our planet, you could see if your blog can relate, and write something meaningful about it.

My suggestion is to determine a frequency at which you will post new blog articles and commit to it. I would say at least once a week would do if you are serious about turning your virtual presence into a real presence. Keep it current, keep your blog articles coming.

9. SEO

I know that search engine optimization, or better known as SEO can be a scary topic for many because no one really knows how it actually works. And when you eventually find out exactly how SEO works, then the algorithms change and you have to rethink what to do next. There are plugins, like Yoast SEO, that can help with easing the process. The plugin will point out things like word count, sentence lengths, keyword density, and many other factors that contribute to having a great SEO optimized blog article. There are many other keyword tools that will help you find the best keywords that are not yet saturated.

In the past, people wrote around keywords in order to get traffic, but with time, both humans and robots have uncovered these tactics. When you focus too much on your keywords, then the text stops flowing and it becomes evident that you’re writing around keywords. The article sounds less natural, which is why you need another approach.

Ensure that you implement a bit of SEO so that you may be ranked, but write for people. Write with your audience in mind and give them value through your blog and they will come back for more of your amazing blog content.

10. Understanding

Look, one of the biggest factors in business is understanding who your client is. If you can understand exactly who you are selling to, then you can match what you do in order to create even more rapport. Once you have more followers, readers or subscribers, then you could play around with google analytics.

Through Google Analytics you can determine your customer’s location, language, gender, etc. This means that you can set the tone and style of what you’re doing in order to appeal to your target market. Depending on the webmaster tools that you’re using, you may even know what their interests are and use the information to plan your next PPC campaign or the topic for your next story.

The better you understand who you are dealing with, the more can equip yourself for what they want. In my experience as a singer, I had to learn to choose songs that the audience could relate to and the impact was very clear. Initially, I didn’t want to budge, but my agents insisted that I tried different material, and it worked. In the same way, use the tools to understand who your customer is and give them what they want. They will keep coming back for more. After all, your business is just an infinite abyss of nothingness without your customers.

In Conclusion

These are only a few of the benefits of having a blog for your business. In times where your virtual presence has become so important, you have to focus on what you can do in order to boost your sales with the tools that you have. Any WordPress website can be used for blogging, and you really don’t need advanced technical skills nor pro writing abilities. You can pretend that you’re speaking and write it down, and even better, record what you are saying and convert it to text afterward. The best thing is that the internet is filled with information on how to write great blog articles, so use the tools and grow your business.

If you were unsure of whether your business needs a blog, then I hope that I’ve convinced you to get cracking! Repetition is the mother of skill, so start, and keep doing it. Happy Blogging!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch and I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this read! Please feel free to subscribe if you want to learn more.

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