Who are we?

TwiyoNova is a Digital Services Agency that takes care of the process of moving your business online or bringing a new concept to fruition. We work with both new or existing business. We started amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic to service the increasing demand for new websites and online services.


The first part of our company name, “Twiyo”, is an acronym for ‘The world is your oyster’. This means that your options are endless and are only limited by your own beliefs. As we transition toward a global platform, the world truly becomes your playing field. “Nova” refers to a star that shows a sudden large increase in brightness, and you know when you’ve arrived at this space, ready to shine your light and unfold your dreams. TwiyoNova is here to help you shine your light, be it for your business, project, or passion!

About our team

Our team is located globally and we only collaborate with the best. Our developers are based in the Netherlands. We do what we can to help materialize your web wishes. We work with professional graphic designers, web developers, and content creators in order to deliver what you need. Our service offerings include logo designblog content writing, and website design. We’ve got a thing for both quality and service and will do what we can to keep our clients happy.

Our Clients

If you are in the process of taking your business online, TwiyoNova is here to ease the journey. We can arrange a suitable logo in order to add that level of professionalism to your website. If you are looking for a new website, please let us know what the requirements are by placing your order and completing your request online. To keep your online presence growing, it’s advisable to implement a content strategy. Writing content can be time consuming, so we leave it to the professionals. Let us take care of taking your business online. We can also work on implementing a strategy to grow the organic traffic on your site.

Our Founder

Ryan Peters founded Twiyonova and has gathered broad experience in various industries. This ranges from music, hospitality, customer services, IT, banking, utilities and linguistics to NPO and corporate management. He has been a language teacher, a General Manager and also an industry CEO in South Africa. He has lived and worked in the USA, UK, Asia and of course, Africa.

If you have any custom requirements, please contact us to discuss.